Trifield™ BroadBand 100XE Meter

Manufactured in the USA by AlphaLab, Inc.

The BroadBand Meter is a version of the Trifield Meter which has a modified radio/microwave section. (The magnetic and electric sections are identical to the Trifield Meter). The BroadBand Meter is preferred for measuring the field near transmitter antennas to determine whether enough output power is produced to attain a certain signal strength. The BroadBand Meter RF frequency range is 0.1 MHz – 2500 MHz, so it detects an additional frequency band (0.1 MHz – 50 MHz) not covered by the standard Trifield Meter. The BroadBand Meter reads in different units (kV/m or kilovolts per meter), which is the unit usually preferred by transmitter engineers.

SKU: TFBB100XE $190

Frequency Options:

60 Hz: Calibrated for North American power frequency (and certain other regions).
50 Hz: Calibrated for European power frequency (and certain other regions).
Flat: Specialized meter with flat frequency response at 50 and 60 Hz. Not sensitive above 2000 Hz.
ES: Extended Sensitivity to frequencies down to 5 Hz (electric and magnetic). Not recommended for general electromagnetic testing because it takes longer to stabilize after being moved.
Avaliable Options:
AC Power: $50, External Coil 10X Magnification: $65, Output Jack $20, LED Illuminated Display (for darker environments): $50, Sound: $50, Uni-Directional Switch $35, Hard Carrying Case $18

Available Data Acquisition Option:
Data Logging USB Stick: $140 Logs data from the meter. Although the stick must be connected to a computer to operate, it contains large non-volatile read/write memory to store data files. If the output jack option is selected, the output of the TriField BroadBand Meter is proportional to the needle deflection and is not linear.

Product Description:

The Trifield BroadBand Meter is a gaussmeter, electric field meter, radio field strength meter in a single until. When measuring electromagnetic fields (EMF’s), the primary concern is usually magnetic fields, which can be tricky to measure. If a less sophisticated 1-axis gaussmeter is used, a reading of zero could result even where the field is strong. A 1-axis meter must be oriented correctly to measure the field (which is a vector). The 3-axis Trifield Meter solves that problem by measuring the true strength of the field regardless of which way it is oriented. Therefore, the Trifield Meter can be scanned rapidly across an area without having to stop at each point to search for the orientation that gives a maximum reading. Another section of the meter detects AC electric fields, which can exist independently of AC magnetic field. The third section detects radio/microwave, such as from a leaky microwave oven.



SPECIFICATIONS: Trifield BroadBand Meter Model 100XE
AC Magnetic Fields: (3-axis; shows true magnitude)
Frequency Range: 40 Hz – 100 KHz (see frequency weighting)
Accuracy @ 60 Hz (50 Hz): +/- 20% of reading
Range/Min. Readable Field (@ 60 Hz or 50 Hz): 100 milligauss / 0.2 milligauss
Standard Version Frequency Weighting:
*Sensitivity is proportional to frequency from 40 Hz to 500 Hz; flat from 500 Hz to 2000 Hz
*Sensitivity is inversely proportional to frequency from 2K Hz to 100K Hz
Flat Frequency Version: +/- 20% from 50 Hz to 500 Hz; sensitivity is proportional to the inverse of frequency above 500 Hz
AC Electric Fields: (3-axis; however, note that E-field is affected by the body position)
Frequency Range: 40 Hz – 100 K Hz (see frequency weighting)
Accuracy @ 60 Hz (50 Hz): +/- 30% of reading
Range/MIn. Readable Field: 1000 V/m / 5 V/m (Original Version: 100 KV/m / 0.5 KV/m)
Frequency Range: 0.1 MHz – 2500 MHz (2.56 GHz)
Range/Min. Readable Field: 1 KV per m / 10V per m
Accuracy: + 30 % - 25 %
Meter Size: 5.0 x 2.6 x 2.4 in (129 x 67 x 62 mm)
Weight: 8 oz
Battery: 9 volt alkaline (~ 40 hour life) / "Low Battery" indicator

Recalibration service for TFBB100XE: $90

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