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Notice of Recurring Fraudulent Activity

Dear Customers,

We’re concerned about some activity we’ve seen regarding our Trifield Meter TF2 and what that means for you. A group operating out of Vietnam is pretending to sell TriField Meters for a very low price but, when a customer orders, they ship nothing. Google Shopping does not check whether listings are legitimate so what may have been a trusted listing by some customers, turns out to be a fraudulent scheme to steal from them.  When shopping online, we’d like to remind you to always be vigilant for signs of fraud.

Some quick thoughts to help suss out if an offer is too good to be true:

  • Always check the CONTACT US information of the site in question
  • If a phone number is listed, call it to ask where they are shipping from.
  • If there is no answer during the business hours claimed by the site, or if a person answers who knows nothing about the company, it is fraudulent (Criminals often display a random phone number that doesn’t usually answer during the day).
  • If CONTACT US is shown but there is no contact info (no physical address or phone), it is fraudulent.
  • Sometimes a physical address may be listed, but it’s a random house or other building, or it is a non-existent address. You can also do an internet search of the address in question to see if it is a real business.

If any of these warning flags exist when you’re shopping for our products (or any others) you may not be dealing with a trustworthy merchant. More and more fraudulent websites are showing up on Google shopping for many products.  If in doubt, stay safe by checking the CONTACT US information when shopping online.

Thank you and stay safe!



Your Trifield Meter Makers,

Alphalab, Inc.